“You deserve a life full of joy, love, abundance and health. This is your birthright.

While finishing my graduate work, running a full time business, and raising my children as a single parent, it became essential that I utilize everything possible about how to enroll the unconscious as an ally. The result was not only to survive and succeed, but to thrive and enrich life to levels I had not even imagined until then.

It was then that the vision of Synapse Centers was born in order to offer as many people as possible a way to claim their birthright.

I sincerely hope that you will take this opportunity to connect with all that you can be through our offerings.”
Dianna Butler, Ph.D.

The Synapse is the space between the dendrites in your brain. If that space is well-prepared and primed, electrical energy leaps across to connect with the other side. This is where all learning and change occurs.

Established in 1981, the company has grown from the vision of Dr. Butler, an expert in unconscious learning, for the purpose of personal, organizational and group behavioral change.

Our mission is to provide you with a space between possibility and actuality rich enough so that you can easily bridge the gap & become all that you want to be.

We provide audio subliminal, guided imagery and self-hypnosis CDs and cassette tapes for positive change. All of our audio offerings are designed and produced by Dr. Butler. Her consulting and mentoring services are available through Synapse, as well.


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