“As a surgeon, smoking is professional suicide. I tried everything else, and although at first I thought nothing had changed, I noticed later that I drove right past the store where I used to stop every day to buy cigarettes without even thinking about it. I didn't even think about cigarettes until the next day! My wife will be contacting you to lose weight, and my family is very grateful to you.”
A.P., M.D., Phoenix, AZ

“You made a CD for me to be #1. We won the "Leaps & Bounds" award as the Most Improved Office in the history of the company! Was I proud!”
M.S., Henderson, KY

“I want you to know that your CD Easier Learning that my daughter M. used has made the difference between success and failure for her in school during the trauma of my divorce! And your CDs supporting my own personal changes have saved my life! Thank you!”
C.E., Aurora, CO

Follow-up with our stop-smoking clients over eleven years shows 87% of these previous smokers still remain smoke-free using Dr. Butler's audio and subliminal programs!

“ For years I have worked with and referred my patients to Dr. Butler. Her programs get excellent results, and I encourage you to use her skills to support you to stop smoking, lose weight, or change other patterns that are not working in your life.”
•Joel Miller, M.D., Denver
, CO

“Dianna Butler is an innovating and remarkable visionary. She weaves mind, body and heart into the everfresh fabric of each individual's potential.”
Don Campbell
The Mozart Effect

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