The latest technology and years of testing have gone into the design of this exciting series. The writing of the scripts, intonation of the messages, and the selection of the background music are a powerful set of features combined to move you toward your goals.

Research has shown that listening to a 4/4 beat rhythm in music (such as "Pachelbel Canon in D") quickly entrains the mind to a relaxed brainwave state that heightens receptivity to suggestion.

Don Campbell, Internationally-known composer, speaker and author of The Mozart Effect, has composed this particular music exclusively for Dr. Butler's tapes. His relaxing composition enhances the positive change effect of our subliminal messages.

Other selections include classical musical compositions within the rhythm range proven to enhance relaxation and unconscious receptivity.

“ Dianna Butler is an innovating and remarkable visionary. She weaves mind, body and heart into the everfresh fabric of each individual's potential.”
Don Campbell
The Mozart Effect

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