With our offerings, journey to the Center of your unconscious mind and bring back the prize of positive change.

Dr. Butler's background as a psychotherapist, educator, corporate consultant and specialist in aligning the conscious and unconscious mind to achieve higher human awareness make her uniquely qualified to create our products for optimal results.

For over 25 years she has worked with the pioneers and masters in the fields of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Subliminal and Twilight Learning, Biofeedback, Whole-Brain learning and re-scripting, Music and Consciousness, and related change processes. All of this is blended with powerful tools into a smoothly orchestrated compilation for your benefit.

Each offering is personally designed and produced by Dr. Butler with utmost care to ensure the highest quality. Now available for the first time to the public, they are offered for your benefit with the same care as the programs designed for major corporations, medical facilities and educational institutions.

Extensive research has shown that subliminals are more effective if the person listening does not know the exact change messages recorded. Messages registered consciously will simply reinforce the defenses of the conscious mind rather than affecting change easily via the unconscious mind. (see detailed references under "research") For this reason, unless specifically requested, subliminal text will not be sent with your order.

Replica of an ancient labyrinth found laid in stone on the floor of the Cathedral in Chartres, France.

The current cathedral, completed in 1260 A.D., was built over ancient spiritual sites. This labyrinth has drawn people from many faiths to it's center over millennia.

The geometry of the labyrinth and the cathedral has been likened to a model of the universe. It also has been referenced by scholars as a template for Freud and Jung's understanding of how the healthy psyche functions.

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