All offerings below (unless noted otherwise) contain a combination of guided self-hypnosis imageries and subliminals.

Our 60-80 minute CD's have a guided imagery self-hypnosis program on the first track, followed by subliminal messages for the remainder of the program.

Sixty-minute cassettes have an imagery on side one and subliminals on side two.

Prices for CDs and Cassettes are $19.95 each (unless noted otherwise.) Shipping and handling is calculated by using the table at the right.

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Follow-up with stop-smoking clients for over 11 years shows 87% of these previous smokers still remain smoke-free using Dr. Butler's program! This selection includes several of the most powerful means of accessing the unconscious mind to achieve communication and cooperation. $19.95

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Why wait any longer? If you need to let go of excess weight, now is the time to take advantage of these offerings. Each script is full of powerful images and subliminals which encourage you to eat healthy foods, exercise willingly, and experience yourself in a whole new, and positive way AS you lose weight to achieve and maintain your ideal body image.
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Feel good about yourself and your rightful place in the world. Know that you are cared for and worthy of success. See your glass as more than half-full and let go of debilitating concerns about your value. Give yourself this gift of messages designed to raise your experience of self to that of a cherished loved one.
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Why find yourself wondering where the time went and what you did instead of what you intended to do? Procrastinating is one of the most debilitating behaviors leading to failure. Turn your life around and complete what you start with this program!
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Fear of Closed-In Places • Fear of Crowds • Fear of Failure • Fear of Success • Fear of Water • Fear of Heights • Fear of Flying • Fear of Dogs • Fear of Worry • Turn Your Fear into Power $19.95

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Reduce Stress • End Procrastination • Prioritize Tasks • Set Goals & Achieve Them • Attain Financial Success • Experience An Abundance Of Good Things • Enjoy Effectiveness • Be Organized and Efficient • Own Your Own Power • Speak Effectively In Public • Need Less Sleep • Succeed by Managing Your Time • Increase Your Memory Capacity • Remember Longer • Accept Personal Success • Think Multi-Modaly • Visualize Skillfully • Manage Your Anger Effectively • Increase Your Golf Ability • Make Good Decisions • Enhance Manual Dexterity • Redecide, Revise Your Life • Use Your Intuition for Decision Making
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Attract People You Want Into Your Life • Develop Enthusiasm • Enhance Your Creativity • Succeed in Relationships • Enjoy Your Sexuality (Female) • Enjoy Your Sexuality (Male) • Overcome Psychological Impotence • Enjoy Maturity • Achieve Excellence • Stop Spending Unneccesarily$19.95
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Heal Emotional Wounds • Have Peace of Mind • Be Self Confident • Experience Your Charisma • Have Patience • Access Your Inner Wisdom • Be an Effective Problem Solver • Be Assertive, Not Aggressive • Open Up To Your Feelings • Express Your Feelings Appropriately • Go Beyond Limitation Into Possibility • Release Inappropriate Guilt • Forgive Yourself and Others • Let Go of What Is No Longer Useful to You • Attain Inner Harmony • Direct Your Energy • Know Unconsciously • Enter Your Personal Paradise
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Release Pain • Reduce Stress • Lower Blood Pressure • Sleep Peacefully • Relax Deeply • End Back Pain • Improve Vision • Reclaim Youth and Vigor • Clear Complexion • Relieve Arthritis Pain • Give Up Drinking Alchohol • Overcome Psychological Frigidity • Oversome Psychological Impotence • Give Up Nail Biting • Successful Surgery • Healing Hands • Death and Dying • End Premenstrual Syndrome • End Bed Wetting • Easy Labor and Delivery • Release Migraine Headaches • Stop Stuttering • Clear Acne • Give Up Drugs • End Allergies • End Jet Lag
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Be Employed Happily • Successful Selling • Promote Yourself • Be a Winner • Success in Business • Enjoy Retirement & Health
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Easier Learning • Improve Study Habits • Increase Music Ability • Enjoy Reading Better/Faster • Increase Math Ability • Concentrate With Ease • Release Test Anxiety • Multiplication Tables
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Conceive the Child You Want • Improve Behavior (children) • Delight in Parenting
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Please note: Guided Imagery and Visualization Audio Offerings contain no subliminal messages.
Multiple Sensing; Synesthesia • Positive Affirmations • Positive Affirmations in Spanish • Enhance Creativity • Accelerative Learning Rhythm (Use while studying, reading, or taping your own material) • Mind/Body Centering and Stretching Exercise Program with Multi-Modal Movement • Utilize Early Positive Experiences • Accelerative Learning Classical Music • Deep Relaxation • Autogenic Muscle Release • Release Pain, Promote Healing • Goal setting • Creating a Positive Future
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Dr. Butler will personally design and produce a script especially for your individual needs or concerns.

With your order, include a written paragraph describing the result you want concerning a particular topic. (You will be able to add a note to your order at checkout.)

Please keep in mind that combining topics on one recording is counter-productive. For this reason, orders for more than one topic cannot be accepted.

The custom designed subliminal offerings cannot be created for you within our normal delivery time.
The cost for each custom subliminal product is $185.

Please contact us for more information.
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This selection contains subliminals only.

Designed at the request of psychotherapists, these subliminal tapes offer positive developmental messages every person needs to hear while growing up for optimal development. Very few people hear them all • some hear very few of them, thus leaving unfinished yearnings which can result in negative behaviors later in life, such as overeating, smoking, physical ailments, etc. $19.95
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Give Up Smoking

Release Weight
•Transform Your Body Image
•Step Into Your Ideal Body
•Exercise To Lose Weight

Self Esteem
•Positive Self Esteem
•Have a Positive Self Image
•Think Positive
•Have Patience
•Handle Criticism


Freedom From:
•Fear of Closed-In Places
•Fear of Crowds
•Fear of Failure
•Fear of Success
•Fear of Water
•Fear of Heights
•Fear of Flying
•Fear of Dogs
•Fear of Worry
•Turn Your Fear into •Power

Personal Excellence
•Reduce Stress
•End Procrastination
•Prioritize Tasks
•Set Goals & Achieve Them
•Attain Financial Success
•Experience An Abundance Of Good Things
•Enjoy Effectiveness
•Be Organized and Efficient
•Own Your Own Power
•Speak Effectively In Public
•Need Less Sleep
•Succeed by Managing Your Time
•Increase Your Memory Capacity
•Remember Longer
•Accept Personal Success
•Think Multi-Modaly
•Visualize Skillfully
•Manage Your Anger Effectively
•Increase Your Golf Ability
•Make Good Decisions
•Enhance Manual Dexterity
•Redecide, Revise Your Life
•Use Your Intuition for •Decision Making

•Attract People You Want Into Your Life
•Develop Enthusiasm
•Enhance Your Creativity
•Succeed in Relationships
•Enjoy Your Sexuality (Female)
•Enjoy Your Sexuality (Male)
•Overcome Psychological Impotence
•Enjoy Maturity
•Achieve Excellence
•Stop Spending Unneccesarily

Inner Change
•Heal Emotional Wounds
•Have Peace of Mind
•Be Self Confident
•Experience Your Charisma
•Have Patience
•Access Your Inner Wisdom
•Be an Effective Problem Solver
•Be Assertive, Not Aggressive
•Open Up To Your Feelings
•Express Your Feelings Appropriately
•Go Beyond Limitation Into Possibility
•Release Inappropriate Guilt
•Forgive Yourself and Others
•Let Go of What Is No Longer Useful to You
•Attain Inner Harmony
•Direct Your Energy
•Know Unconsciously
•Enter Your Personal Paradise

•Release Pain
•Reduce Stress
•Lower Blood Pressure
•Sleep Peacefully
•Relax Deeply
•End Back Pain
•Improve Vision
•Reclaim Youth and Vigor
•Clear Complexion
•Relieve Arthritis Pain
•Give Up Drinking Alchohol
•Overcome Psychological Frigidity
•Overcome Psychological Impotence
•Give Up Nail Biting
•Successful Surgery
•Healing Hands
•Death and Dying
•End Premenstrual Syndrome
•End Bed Wetting
•Easy Labor and Delivery
•Release Migraine Headaches
•Stop Stuttering
•Clear Acne
•Give Up Drugs
•End Allergies
•End Jet Lag

•Be Employed Happily
•Successful Selling
•Promote Yourself
•Be a Winner
•Success in Business
•Enjoy Retirement & Health

•Easier Learning
•Improve Study Habits
•Increase Music Ability
•Enjoy Reading •Better/Faster
•Increase Math Ability
•Concentrate With Ease
•Release Test Anxiety
•Multiplication Tables

•Conceive the Child You Want
•Improve Behavior (Children)
•Delight in Parenting

Guided Imagery and Visualization
Multiple Sensing; Synesthesia
Positive Affirmations
Positive Affirmations in Spanish
Enhance Creativity
Accelerative Learning Rhythm (Use while studying, reading, or taping your own material)
Mind/Body Centering and Stretching Exercise Program with Multi-Modal Movement
Utilize Early Positive Experiences
Accelerative Learning Classical Music
Deep Relaxation
Muscle Release
Release Pain, Promote Healing
Goal setting, Creating a Positive Future

Custom Subliminals

Healthy Messages for Development

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